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Master classes provide learners with the invaluable chance for direct interaction with eminent personalities from diverse academic disciplines. These experts, originating from prestigious American universities, come equipped with extensive research and teaching backgrounds. They impart their deep knowledge and insights, spanning both theoretical and practical aspects, thus offering learners the opportunity to acquire unique perspectives and a comprehensive understanding of their respective fields.



Camp Education

Camp education places a strong emphasis on hands-on and immersive experiential learning. In this environment, students are introduced to innovative teaching methods and carefully crafted course designs. They have the opportunity to develop a multitude of skills within an all-English setting, including leadership, public speaking, storytelling, teamwork, and self-care techniques, fostering a well-rounded and practical learning experience.

Master Workshop

In master workshops, the learning experience transcends beyond just listening to expert explanations. Learners actively participate in hands-on operations and direct interactions with these specialists. The masters, leveraging their extensive research and teaching experiences, offer practical skill training and engage collaboratively with learners on various research topics. This approach ensures ongoing mentorship and fosters a learning environment that strikes a perfect balance between research rigor and creative exploration. This method not only enhances the learners' practical skills but also deepens their understanding through experiential learning and direct mentorship.

Educational Forums

We serve as a vibrant platform for idea sharing and exchange, where participants delve into discussions about the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in education. This setting fosters a rich, collaborative environment conducive to learning and innovation.


Knowledge Exchange

The forums convene a diverse group of educators, scholars, and industry experts from top Chinese and American academic institutions. This gathering creates a unique cross-cultural exchange of knowledge and perspectives, enriching the dialogue with a wide range of expertise and insights.




In these forums, participants actively share the results of their research and impart the wisdom they have accumulated through their teaching experiences. This exchange not only disseminates new knowledge but also offers practical insights, enriching the collective understanding of all attendees.


Research and Experience Sharing

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