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Your donation is a vital catalyst for our vision to educate and inspire. Each contribution plays a crucial role in enabling scholarships, enriching our programs, and enhancing the learning environments we provide. By investing in the potential of our youth, you are making a tangible impact. Your support is instrumental in shaping the future of education, helping us to nurture and develop the next generation of leaders and innovators. Every gift, no matter its size, contributes significantly to this mission.

Empowering Girl's Education

NGO Partner

Yes! And... Education's philanthropic project collaborates with the Longhua District Guoyan Economic Research Center in Haikou City, a prestigious organization supervised by the Development Research Center of the State Council. The Longhua District Guoyan Economic Research Center, functioning under the direct oversight of the State Council, serves as a crucial policy research and advisory body.

This center is distinguished by its team of esteemed economists and top-tier researchers, hailing both from China and internationally. As a high-end think tank, it specializes in providing comprehensive research services focused on regional industrial development and macroeconomic trends. Its clientele includes national ministries, local governments, enterprises, and international organizations.

Furthermore, the center plays a pivotal role in shaping national policy by delivering well-informed and strategic policy recommendations to the state. This collaboration enhances the impact and reach of Yes! And... Education's philanthropic endeavors, leveraging the center's expertise and influence to further educational and economic development goals.

Project Background

In the current societal landscape, access to educational opportunities, particularly for girls in remote, minority areas, and those in rural communities, remains a significant challenge. Since its establishment, our education platform has been steadfastly committed to addressing these challenges by providing support and opportunities for learners, with a special emphasis on enhancing the educational and career prospects of women.

In today's world, the obstacles faced by children, especially in underprivileged and rural areas, are manifold and complex. Recognizing this, our philanthropic project is dedicated to improving educational accessibility for women, aiding them in discovering and fulfilling their potential. Our goals are multifaceted: we aim not only to enhance academic performance but also to empower learners of all ages. We strive to create more learning opportunities, unlock potential, and cultivate leaders who are equipped to thrive in a future-oriented world. By focusing on these objectives, we endeavor to make a lasting impact, fostering the growth of individuals who can lead positive change in their communities and beyond.

Project Objectives

Our NGO project is passionately committed to elevating the educational levels of women, enhancing their job skills, and unlocking their inherent potential. Our goal is to significantly boost academic performance, broaden career opportunities, and cultivate the next generation of leaders. Central to our initiative is a Girls' Mentorship Program, pairing participants with accomplished women for both academic guidance and life lessons. We also provide Mental Health Support services, crucial for building resilience and self-esteem. A dedicated focus on Gender Equality Education ensures that girls are well-informed about their rights and equipped to challenge biases. Utilizing Digital Education Resources, we offer flexible and accessible learning opportunities. Our comprehensive Monitoring and Evaluation system diligently tracks the project's progress to ensure the achievement of our objectives. Furthermore, we actively participate in Advocacy and Awareness campaigns, highlighting the critical importance of education for girls and the ongoing pursuit of gender equality.

Research Topics

  • The current state of educational opportunities for girls in remote and ethnic minority areas.

  • The impact of gender bias on girls' education and future career prospects.

  • The application and effectiveness of digital technologies in girls' education.

  • The influence of mentorship on girls' academic and career development.

  • The role of public awareness in advancing girls' education and gender equality.

  • The impact and role of arts education in improving academic performance.

Yes! And... Foundation Initiatives

Yes! And... Foundation diligently coordinates excursions for girls to developing urban areas, facilitating cultural and educational exchanges with local children from left-behind and ethnic minority communities. Our aim is to furnish these children with enhanced learning opportunities and resources, thereby expanding their horizons and bolstering their self-confidence.

Teaching Programs

Yes! And... Foundation extends its mission beyond conventional teaching by providing summer camp experiences for local left-behind and ethnic minority children. These camps are designed to be both enjoyable and educational, offering kids the opportunity to forge new friendships, discover new interests, and engage in a variety of activities that foster their overall development.

Summer Camp Experiences

Yes! And... Foundation understands the critical need for basic life essentials, particularly for girls. We dedicate a fixed percentage of our revenue to acquiring vital living and learning supplies, including sanitary pads and stationery. Our goal through these concrete actions is to enhance the quality of life and educational experiences for these girls, offering them steadfast support for their future endeavors.

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