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About Yes!And...

Yes!And…Education is an educational institution serving learners of all ages, deeply understanding the critical role of arts education in cultivating students' soft skills. We believe that arts education not only fosters the development of self-expression and creativity but also serves as an important tool for enhancing key soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities. Our vision is to democratize access to high-quality multidisciplinary educational resources, creating a safe and enjoyable learning environment for students, especially girls, helping them fully explore and develop their potential, and establish profound connections with the world. We also emphasize the importance of social responsibility, encouraging students to engage in community service activities. Through our carefully designed courses and innovative teaching methods, Yiran Education is committed to enhancing students' soft skills, supporting them in breaking personal boundaries, bravely pursuing their dreams, and growing into future leaders with a positive social impact.

Founder's Message

From the name "是然" (Yes! And...), our unwavering commitment to education is evident: a pursuit of truth and knowledge, embraced with an open mind. Since our inception, this pursuit has been our foundational intention and vision. "Yes! And..." is a fundamental principle of improvisational theater, where actors on stage must accept and build upon whatever their partners say or do, responding with "Yes! And..." to continue the narrative. This principle mirrors the values Yes! And... Education upholds and embodies the life attitude we aim to impart and share with our learners: facing life's inevitable challenges with a "Yes! And..." mindset to unlock new possibilities.

Education transcends mere knowledge transfer; it is a voyage of exploration, discovery, and personal growth. On this journey, we aspire for every seeker to uncover their true self, unlock their potential, and achieve their dreams.



Our mission is to provide an open, inclusive, and innovative learning environment where students can grow freely and pursue their dreams with courage. We believe in the unique value of each individual and are committed to providing ample opportunities and support to help every seeker become their most distinctive self.


Reflecting on our journey, it's the trust and companionship of our community that has fueled the growth and evolution of Yes! And... Education. Looking ahead, we are excited to continue this path of truth-seeking, exploration, and growth with more families, students, and partners, collaboratively shaping a brighter future.

Our heartfelt thanks go to everyone who has journeyed with "Yes! And...". As we look forward to the future, we are eager to create more enriching educational experiences together.


Liu Zhan Echo

Founder of Yes! And... Education

Our Value

Volunteer Group

Social Responsibility

The Chinese government has consistently shown a strong commitment to enhancing the educational landscape in developing regions. This includes not only the provision of educational resources but also policy support. Alongside these governmental efforts, numerous non-governmental organizations and charitable entities are tirelessly working to improve both the educational and living conditions of girls in mountainous areas.

In alignment with these efforts and to expedite the achievement of educational equality in Chinese society, our company pledges to allocate a specific percentage of our annual profits to support education for underprivileged girls. This includes girls in China’s mountainous regions, girls from ethnic minority groups, and girls who are left behind in rural areas. We plan to establish special scholarships for these groups and offer free participation in our camps.

Additionally, as part of our commitment, we will organize annual youth trips to rural areas. The purpose of these trips is to conduct art summer camps specifically for the children left behind in towns and villages. Through these initiatives, we aim to not only provide educational opportunities but also to enrich the lives of these children with cultural and artistic experiences, thereby contributing to a more equitable and enriched educational environment for all.

Yang Liu, Hellen


Yang Liu (Hellen), co-founder of Yes!And… Education and mother of two, is deeply involved in children's education. She advises the China-New Zealand Education Exchange Association, advocating for international educational collaboration. Also serving as the Vice President of the Entrepreneurs Association under the Hainan Provincial Committee of the Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang, she exhibits significant influence in entrepreneurial development. Additionally, her role in an advertising and media company showcases her business acumen, and her membership in the Ama Cang Charity Foundation reflects her commitment to philanthropy and social responsibility.

Meet The Team 

Liu Zhan, Echo


Liu Zhan, Echo, the Founder of Yes! And... Education, is further enhancing her expertise by pursuing a Master’s degree in Education Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Organizations at Harvard University. She already holds a Master's degree in Educational Theatre from New York University and has a solid academic background in Theater from the University of California, Santa Barbara, complemented by a minor in Education. Echo's experience is enriched by a significant three-year period of teaching bilingual drama courses in private schools throughout Beijing and in public schools in New York. This experience underscores her dedication to cross-cultural education and the arts, bringing a wealth of knowledge and practical expertise to her role at Yes! And... Education.

Vanessa Cai

Head of Market Operations

Vanessa Cai, serving as the Head of Market Operations at Yes! And... Education, contributes a wealth of corporate experience gained from her time as an executive in a joint venture company. Her previous position as the head of health management and premium medical services at an internet company has finely tuned her expertise in market strategy and service excellence. This background plays a crucial role in her current endeavor to enhance the market presence of Yes! And... Education. Vanessa's blend of strategic insight and a commitment to service quality positions her perfectly to lead the organization's market operations, driving growth and expanding its influence in the educational sector.

Vivian Li

Head of the STEM program

Vivian Li, who leads the STEM program at Yes! And... Education, is currently enhancing her qualifications with a second Master's degree in Education Design and Technology Innovation at Harvard University. She holds a Master's degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Manchester and a Bachelor's degree in Theoretical Physics from the University of Bath.

Vivian's expertise is further enriched by four years of international teaching experience in physics. Her background includes extensive academic tutoring and research, which were significantly influenced by her education at a traditional British girls' school. This diverse educational and professional journey equips Vivian with a unique blend of technical knowledge and pedagogical skills, making her an invaluable asset to the STEM program at Yes! And... Education. Her role is pivotal in inspiring and educating the next generation of STEM leaders, particularly in encouraging girls to pursue careers in these traditionally male-dominated fields.

Marsha Baxter

Artistic Director

Marsha Baxter, a distinguished educator at Yes! And... Education, concurrently holds professorship positions at New York University and Columbia University. She is renowned for her international music field research, which has earned her significant recognition, including the SUNY award for her contributions to cultural diversity. Additionally, she has been honored for her immersive music practice in Puebla, Mexico.


Her expertise extends into the realm of film production, as evidenced by her work on the documentary "For the Love of the Mambo." This project highlights her deep commitment to exploring and celebrating cultural expression through music. Marsha's multifaceted career, marked by academic excellence, field research, and creative endeavors, makes her an invaluable asset to the Yes! And... Education team, where she undoubtedly enriches the learning experience with her diverse insights and experiences.

Amy Joy


Amy Joy graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Spanish Linguistics and a minor in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). She then earned her master's degree in TESOL from Columbia University in New York City. She now teaches academic English to international students at UC Berkeley and UC Santa Barbara, where she has also conducted research on the experiences of international students writing at the university level. Amy Joy is also passionate about using social media to make English education accessible to learners worldwide. Thus, she has began various social media channels, which have amassed nearly 100,00 followers. You can view her YouTuber channel, Instagram, and TikTok here.

Jay Scheib

Artistic Director

Jay Scheib is an American stage director, playwright and artist, noted for his contemporary productions of both classical and new plays and operas. Scheib is a Professor for Music and Theater Arts and director of the Program in Theater Arts at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he teaches performance media, motion theater, media and methods, and introduction to directing. Scheib has been a regular guest professor at the Mozarteum, Thomas Bernhard Institut, Abteilung für Regie und Schauspiel in Salzburg, Austria, where he conducts an annual "viewpoints and composition" studio.

Lyndsey McAdam


Lyndsey McAdam is an experienced K-12 drama teacher, boasting over ten years of teaching in New York City public schools. She is professionally certified in drama education by New York State and holds a graduate degree in Educational Theatre from New York University. McAdam's extensive background is not limited to teaching; it also encompasses drama performance and directing. Her involvement in teaching youth drama courses further highlights her all-encompassing expertise in the field of theatrical education. This blend of practical experience and academic knowledge makes her a valuable asset in nurturing and developing young talent in the arts.

Annie Crowley


Annie Crowley stands out as a distinguished K-12 drama teacher, having dedicated over ten years to teaching in New York City private schools. She is certified in drama education by New York State and holds a graduate degree in Educational Theatre from New York University. Crowley's career is marked by an extensive involvement in drama performance, direction, and teaching. This comprehensive experience makes her exceptionally skilled at fostering theatrical talent in young learners. Her expertise not only lies in imparting knowledge but also in inspiring and nurturing the creative potential of her students, making her a valuable contributor to the field of educational theater.

Elise Connolly


Elise Connolly is a versatile and talented performer, encompassing roles as an actress, singer, dancer, and choreographer. She holds a Master's degree in Educational Theatre from New York University and a degree in musical theater from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA). Her impressive performance credentials include roles in notable productions such as "The Heidi Chronicles," "Ragtime," "Show Boat," and the historical outdoor drama "Horn in the West."

Connolly's expertise extends into the realm of education, where she has a rich history of teaching drama, dance, and musical theater to children and teenagers. Her multifaceted background in performance and education enables her to provide a comprehensive and dynamic learning experience, inspiring young performers to develop their skills across various aspects of the performing arts.

Faton Limani


Faton Limani, an accomplished professional with a Harvard MPA, brings a wealth of experience to his coaching role in Adaptive Leadership and various soft skills. Having taught at Harvard, he combines academic rigor with practical insights. His diverse background includes working for the US Department of Defense and teaching at the University level in Kosovo. In Kosovo, Limani plays a pivotal role in education and professional development, serving as a Senior Lecturer at UBT. Additionally, he leads Leadership Advancement Associates and the Albanian School - Illyria, further demonstrating his commitment to fostering leadership and educational excellence.

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346 Somerville Ave, 

Somerville, MA 02143


Mission & Vision

Mission: Yes! And... Education is dedicated to providing learners with a safe and nurturing platform, crafted through carefully designed courses, innovative educational approaches, and a variety of learning experiences. Our mission is to transform art into a medium for self-expression, encouraging learners to unlock their creative potential, enhance their professional skills, and expand their worldviews. We are committed to assisting learners of all ages in continuously surpassing their personal limitations, building courage and confidence, and particularly ensuring that girls develop in an environment free from gender biases.

Our ultimate aim is to nurture future leaders who are not only successful in their professional endeavors but also actively contribute to society and foster community growth in diverse ways. We strive to shape individuals who are positive forces in their fields and communities, embodying the spirit of giving back and driving societal progress.

Vision: Yes! And... Education is dedicated to serving as both a guide and a practitioner for learners across all age groups. Our vision extends beyond merely disseminating educational quality and resources. Through our focus on art education, we are committed to creating a safe and joyful learning environment for every seeker. Our approach places a significant emphasis on empowering each girl to fully develop her potential and forge meaningful connections with the world.

Our goals encompass more than academic excellence; we are equally focused on nurturing a sense of social responsibility among our learners. We encourage them to actively participate in community service and contribute to society through tangible actions. Committed to dismantling gender biases, we ensure that our educational resources and opportunities are equitably accessible to all seekers. We pay special attention to assisting students in overcoming unique challenges and emboldening them to chase their dreams. Our dedication lies in fostering an inclusive educational environment where every learner, especially girls, can thrive and realize their aspirations.

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